Otegrity's Human Resources Information System

Otegrity provides clients with powerful services, enabled by the Otegrity HRIS Platform. This Platform is 100% web-based, easy-to-use, complete HR software that couples with our expert HR services - all designed to simplify HR and let business leaders focus on running and growing their businesses. It provides everything a business needs for world-class HR today and tomorrow.

Employee Portal


Your employees get access to their data 24/7.

Dedicated Advisor

Otegrity does not just hand you these systems. You are matched with an HR Advisor, giving you a single point-of-contact. 

Seamless Experience

Easy and clear system. All information is stored in one database.

Otegrity's Human Capital Management System

Otegrity's HR Hub holds an abundance of resources including compliance apps, notices, learning management system, handbooks, OSHA log, and an HR Hotline.

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