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Dermatology Consultation

Employee Benefits

What if you had a team dedicated to finding the right benefit offering for your company?
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Dedicated Advisors

Otegrity's dedicated advisors work hard to understand what benefits will work best for you and your employees. We meet with your business to listen to your wants and needs, understand your workforce, and shop for the best available plans.

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Educated Enrollment

Otegrity's enrollment process ensures your employees are knowledgeable and excited about the benefits you decide to offer. Our team provides employee education on health plans, Spanish-speaking support staff during the enrollment period, and ongoing support through a dedicated specialist.

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Wellness Integration

Our wellness initiatives work hand-in-hand with your benefits to provide a complete solution that puts your employees and your business first. By utilizing Otegrity's wellness services, your employees maintain a healthy work-life balance and you maximize the effectiveness of your health plan.

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