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Human Resources Advising

We're not consultants.

We're advisors.

How We Help


Step 1: Understand

Our goal is to understand what your intention is related to your mission, vision and values to create linkage to your company’s goals and objectives. As Advisors, we assist in enabling alignment to your organization for both the hard and soft elements of HR.


Step 2: Create a Plan

Once we understand your company values, an HR Advisor develops a customized HR plan that addresses your needs. Whether it is changing job descriptions or implementing a new Human Capital Management system, it is important to confirm and align organizational needs so you can achieve your goals.


Step 3: Implement and Observe

After confirming your custom plan, your HR Advisor works with you on implementation. Implementations are never perfect. Observing these processes are key as Otegrity works diligently to fill gaps and adapt to changes in workflows.

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