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Workplace Wellness

Prioritizing workplace wellness can lower health care costs, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and raise employee morale. Otegrity's dedicated wellness advisors will work with you to develop and implement a wellness program that accomplishes the goals you need it to.


By implementing an effective wellness program, you can ensure employees who experience these benefits will feel more loyal to your company and be more grateful for your commitment to their health.

What if you had a 401(k) plan that reduced 90% of your fiduciary liability?

Financial Wellness

Otegrity's financial wellness plan allows your business to reduce 90% of its fiduciary liability through our 401(k) Pooled Employer Plan.

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Mental Wellness

Mental wellness affects many employees. Employees can access care at any time with Otegrity's virtual primary care program.

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Health Wellness

Our virtual primary care and prepaid pharmacy programs ensure your employees are healthy and lowers healthcare costs.


Social Wellness

Otegrity's wellness programs are multifaceted and focus on promoting healthy employee relationships within your company.

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