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Human Resources Solutions

Otegrity provides exceptional customer service at both the employer and employee levels so you can focus on your business. Our dedicated staff collaborates with you to create a customized solution that fits your needs.

What If's Become Reality

What if you could access resources to transform your HR?

  • What if you could actually practice human resources and be a resource to your company, employer, and employees?

  • What if you had time to manage the creation of training programs?

  • What if you had a team that could assist you with standard operating procedures?

Financial Advisor
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What if you did not have to worry about payroll processing, deductions, and taxes?

  • What if you could focus on your people, not just payroll?

  • What if your state and federal tax filings were handled automatically?

  • What if new hires were processed electronically and integrated with payroll compliance forms?

What if your employees knew you cared about their wellbeing?

  • What if your employees understood their finances better?

  • What if employees had tools to cope with stress?

  • What if wellness was integrated with your benefit offering?

Online Medical Consultant
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What if your benefits increased your employees' overall health?

  • What if benefits didn't have to be so expensive?

  • What if you could easily compare benefit plans?

  • What if finding the right benefit plan wasn't a hassle?

What if Workers' Compensation was seamless and hassle-free?

  • What if audits were automatically handled?

  • What if you could earn dividends after your policy expires?

  • What if paying for your policy was easy?

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