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3 Ways to Retain Your Employees

One of the most pressing issues employers have faced in the post-COVID world is retaining employees. Since the start of COVID we have seen thousands of employees switching companies and even careers. This leaves you with a question that is hard to answer: how do you keep your employees?

Luckily, Otegrity has some answers that may help you! Here are our top 3 solutions for retaining employees.

1. Offer great benefits

Offering great benefits is more than health insurance and worker’s compensation. It’s about providing solutions that work for you and your employees. There are several types of coverage you can provide including voluntary or group plans. Contact Otegrity to find out what might work best for you!

2. Allow for remote or hybrid work

Remote work is becoming the preferable way to work for many employees following the pandemic. In fact, 40% of workers expressed a desire for flexible work arrangements. If some of the positions in your company can operate remotely, we definitely recommend it!

Working from home can sound scary for an employer, but it does have its benefits! Studies have shown that employees who work from home are more productive, happier with their job, and are less stressed due to decreased commuting costs, healthier work-life balance, and flexible scheduling.

3. Provide competitive pay

Offering competitive pay is a great way to retain and attract employees. It shows that you care about the talent you are hiring and allows you to be more selective in the candidates you choose to move forward with. Contact us to learn more about ways to increase pay in a cost-effective manner.

By adopting these solutions, your employees will feel appreciated and want to stay with your company. They can also assist you with attracting great new hires! Find out how Otegrity can help you solve retention issues in a way that works for you by using our contact page or leaving a comment below.

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